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COMPRISING more than 13,500 islands sprawled across almost 2m square kilometres, home to 250m people speaking over 700 languages and practicing virtually every religion on earth, Indonesia’s only real rival for the title of “most diverse country” is India. The World Bank considers Indonesia a “lower-middle-income economy”, but economically as in everything else, this masks huge differences. More than half the country’s populace lives on the relatively wealthy and densely populated island of Java, with more than one-tenth in greater Jakarta. In resource-rich Riau, East Kalimantan and West Papua regional GDP per person tops $6,000 a year, while the average resident of some of Indonesia’s farther-flung southern and eastern islands—particularly those without natural resources—earns less than $2,000.

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Singapore Minister for Trade, Sim Ann, and EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom

EU launches ratification process for EU-Singapore FTA

The European Commission, on the 18th of April, presented the outcome of negotiations for the Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan and the trade and investment agreements with Singapore to the Council. This is the first step towards the signature and conclusion of these agreements.


Without US, 11 nations sign new TPP pact

Eleven nations signed a slimmed-down version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement on Thursday, moving to lower tariffs just as US President Donald Trump seeks to raise them after withdrawing from the deal.

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ITA-ASEAN in Bruxelles

The Italy-ASEAN Association presented its activities at the italian business and institutional community in Bruxelles

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