Filipino president rages against ‘crazy’ MEPs (Euractiv)


Euractiv 21/03/2017

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte told MEPs to “mind your own business” after his deadly war on drugs was heavily criticised.

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has called European lawmakers “crazy people” after MEPs criticised his brutal war on drugs.

“I don’t get these crazies. Why are you trying to impose on us? Why don’t you mind your own business,” Duterte said Sunday night (19 March) in a speech to the Filippino community in the capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw, at the beginning of a Southeast Asia tour.

The president, famous for a racy language, added: “Why do you have to f**k with us? God damn it.”

The European Parliament last week issued a resolution condemning and calling for an end to the “war on drugs” instigated by Duterte, as well as insisting he release Leila de Lima, one of his main political opponents, who has been accused of corruption.

Bolivian President Evo Morales is confident of defusing tensions with the EU after his country passed a law increasing the amount of coca plant that can be legally cultivated. EURACTIV Spain reports.

The president, who has been in office since mid last year, promised that “more people will die” and that he “will continue until the last drug lord in The Philippines is killed and the dealers are out of the streets”. He denies ordering his officials to break the law during the course of their missions.

His war left 7,000 dead within just the first six months of his mandate, after Duterte was elected on a zero tolerant attitude to drugs platform.

On Thursday (23 April), the EU attacked the death sentence imposed on a Frenchman in Indonesia, which is expected to be carried out shortly, saying it was no answer to drug trafficking.

After a month of respite in which police corruption was tackled, the campaign resumed at the beginning of this month under the promise of being “less bloody”. But 27 suspected traffickers and addicts have lost their lives in clashes with anti-drug officials so far.

Duterte also voiced his hopes that new US President Donald Trump would support him in his war on drugs. He had previously called Barack Obama a “bastard” in September, provoking somewhat of a diplomatic incident between the two countries.

He also said that the previous American administration could “go to hell”.

In the European Parliament resolution, MEPs also called on the UN Human Rights Council to launch an investigation into Duterte’s war on drugs and voiced their “deep alarm” at plans to bring back the death penalty.

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