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The Italy-ASEAN Association was founded with the aim of strengthening dialogue, knowledge and exchanges between Italy and ASEAN countries, promoting an increasingly close and fruitful collaboration between Rome and South-East Asia.

In recent years, relations between Italy and the region have taken important steps forward, also thanks to the fruitful activities of the Italy-ASEAN Association. There has been a growing commitment to intensifying political, economic and cultural interactions between the two sides.

The Association's first President was Enrico Letta, former Prime Minister and former Italian Minister of Industry. In 2021, the presidency passed to Romano Prodi, who led the Association until recently. Today, Ambassador Michelangelo Pipan has taken over the baton, enthusiastically carrying on the Association's mission.

ASEAN is an extremely dynamic and fast-growing region: with a product of USD 2.6 trillion, it is the seventh largest economy in the world. And it is set to climb further in the near future. This reality offers huge unique opportunities for Italian companies, which can take advantage of the integrated ASEAN market to access other Asian economies.

However, trade between Italy and ASEAN countries still has wide margins for improvement, and it is on this aspect that the Italy-ASEAN Association intends to focus its efforts in the near future. To do so, it is essential to develop a coordinated action between the various components: political, economic and business world. With the aim of making Italy's presence in the region increasingly incisive and constant.

The collaboration between Italy and the ASEAN countries is based on economic, political and strategic ties. The region not only has growing economic and financial resources, but is acquiring a leading geopolitical role on the international chessboard. The Italy-ASEAN Association, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is determined to strengthen bilateral ties and enhance the potential of the partnership, thus contributing to the development and prosperity of both regions.

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Michelangelo Pipan
Michelangelo Pipan

A retired career diplomat with a predilection for economic and cultural diplomacy, he has held numerous posts in Europe, Asia and Africa. He opened the Italian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister for Universities and Scientific Research Luigi Berlinguer in the first Prodi government. His contribution in conception, drafting and negotiation was fundamental to the adoption of the 1999 Bologna Declaration, the founding document of Higher Education at EU level. He was responsible for the foreign projection of the Capital as Diplomatic Advisor to the Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni and senior manager for international relations of the Municipality. His in-depth knowledge and vast experience in South East Asia is also based on several specific positions held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially in development cooperation in the early 1990s.
First posted to the Embassy in Manila in 1981, he ended his career as Ambassador to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (2009-2013).
A promoter and co-founder of the Italy-ASEAN Association, he served as its Executive Vice President from the outset and has been its President since 2023.

Romeo Orlandi
Romeo Orlandi
Vice president

Vice-President of the Italy-Asean Association, economist and sinologist, he teaches Globalisation and the Far East at the University of Bologna and holds teaching positions on East Asian economics in several postgraduate courses.
He directed the think tank Osservatorio Asia. For the National Institute for Foreign Trade he has worked in Los Angeles, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing.
He contributes to newspapers and specialised magazines. He is the author of numerous publications on China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Asean.
He is a consultant for European Union projects, public bodies and Italian companies.



Lorenzo Lamperti
Lorenzo Lamperti
Coordinamento redazione
Gabriel Zurlo Sconosciuto
Gabriel Zurlo Sconosciuto
Head of Communication
Alessio Piazza
Alessio Piazza
Legal affairs and administration


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