The ASEAN-EU Blue Book 2024-2025


The document highlights the strategic partnership between ASEAN and the EU and presents new cooperation programs

ASEAN and the EU launched the ASEAN-EU Blue Book 2024-2025 at the ASEAN headquarters in Jakarta. The Blue Book highlights the strategic partnership between ASEAN and the EU and outlines new cooperation programs under the EU's Global Gateway strategy. The Blue Book testifies to the strong and comprehensive cooperation between ASEAN and the EU with the goal of ensuring regional peace and security, fostering sustainable connectivity, promoting free and fair trade, and promoting sustainable development throughout ASEAN. This year's Blue Book also highlights Team Europe's approach and initiatives on sustainable connectivity and green transition in the ASEAN region. As part of the Global Gateway strategy, the EU has committed to mobilize 10 billion euros of investment by Team Europe for green and connectivity programs in ASEAN. In 47 years of ASEAN-EU relations, we have demonstrated the strength of our strategic partnership and what we can do together in the face of global challenges. This Blue Book provides a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted and deep relationship between our regions and the commitment of our two regions to join forces in pursuit of our common goals,” said H.E. Sujiro Seam, EU Ambassador to ASEAN. The ASEAN-EU Blue Book continues to be a valuable platform to illustrate the EU's significant support for ASEAN community-building efforts, the potential of our strategic partnership, and the progress and key achievements in implementing the ASEAN-EU Action Plan (2023-2027),” said H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, Secretary-General of ASEAN. Ambassador Hjayceelyn M. Quintana said, “Deepening the strategic partnership between ASEAN and the EU, two of the most advanced and successful regional organizations in the world, could serve as a partnership model for other groupings around the world that contribute to the promotion of international peace, stability and prosperity.”

Highlights of the ASEAN-EU Blue Book 2024-2025 include: 

  1. The ASEAN-EU Commemorative Summit in December 2022 and the 24th ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting in February 2024 in Brussels;
  2. The Global Gateway initiative, outlining the EU's €10 billion commitment from Team Europe for green and connectivity projects in ASEAN;
  3. The 5th ASEAN-EU Human Rights Policy Dialogue in October 2023, preceded by the 3rd ASEAN-EU Civil Society Forum and followed by the AICHR-EU study visit to Strasbourg;
  4. EU cooperation priorities and updates on EU-supported projects in key ASEAN sectors;
  5. Compelling stories from the field, illustrating the tangible impact of ASEAN-EU cooperation on the lives of ASEAN citizens.

Here to download the Blue Book

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