Italy and Vietnam increasingly strategic partners


Vietnamese president's visit to Rome further strengthened relations between the two countries. Also closed an agreement between Hanoi and the Holy See

Editorial by Lorenzo Lamperti

The 50th anniversary of official diplomatic relations between Italy and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam experienced one of its most notable moments between July 26 and 27, when Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong paid an official visit to Rome at the invitation of Italian President Sergio Mattarella. The meeting was the first official event between the heads of state of the two countries in seven years. But it was also an opportunity to celebrate another anniversary, the 10th, of the strategic partnership established in 2013. During the visit, the two sides discussed and strengthened the ties of political trust and strategic cooperation between Vietnam and Italy. The two countries are now important mutual partners in various fields, including economy, defense and security, education and training, science and technology, culture, tourism and more. Regarding political, diplomatic, defense and security cooperation, the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation between their respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs and to maintain political consultations at the ministerial level between the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs. They also stressed the importance of defense and security cooperation and agreed on the possibility of visits by the Italian Navy to Vietnam. In terms of economic, trade and investment cooperation, both sides pledged to fully and effectively implement the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement and improve mutual market access by removing unnecessary and unjustified trade barriers. Vietnam welcomed the Italian Parliament's ratification of the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement, which will create favorable conditions for investors on both sides. Opportunities for cooperation in various areas such as infrastructure development, digital economy, advanced technologies, renewable energy, creative industries and smart agriculture were also discussed. Italy and Vietnam also aim to expand cooperation in science and technology, education and training, and encouraged cultural and artistic exchanges. The Vietnamese president's trip also produced an important announcement with the Holy See, with whom a historic agreement was reached to send a Vatican representative to Hanoi. Vietnam is getting closer and closer.

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