The Italian language in Vietnam


Busy schedule of events in Hanoi for Italian Language Week. Particularly significant edition given the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations

From October 14 to 20, the XXIII Italian Language Week in the World was celebrated in Hanoi, dedicated this year to the theme "Italian and Sustainability." The event, which is held under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, had a rich program of events and initiatives aimed at promoting the knowledge and dissemination of Italian in Vietnam, organized in collaboration with the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Hanoi and Uni-Italia Vietnam. The official opening of the event was held on Monday, October 16. During the ceremony, Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Marco della Seta, Chancellor of Hanoi University Nguyen Van Trao and Director of the Department of Italianistics Pham Bich Ngoc spoke. Vietnamese media gave extensive coverage to the event. "There are few high schools in Vietnam that teach Italian. I hope in the coming time we will promote more high schools to teach this language," Ambassador Della Seta told Dan Tri. But Italy has planned support packages that will include scholarships for students, teaching materials and professional courses for teachers teaching Italian in Vietnam. The University of Hanoi currently has 500 students studying Italian and 50 Italian students studying in Vietnam.According to the Ambassador, the two countries still have a lot of room for development cooperation in this field. The previous 2019-2022 agreement on the education front is set to be further strengthened. According to Dan Tri, in the coming years, along with the transformation of the country's economy, the school and the Italian Language Department will continue to provide professional training geared to international standards. "It is hoped that in the future the Italian Language Department will continue to be supported by the Embassy and Italian government agencies in Hanoi in its professional activities, especially in carrying out the mission of dissemination and development of teaching and learning," said Rector Nguyen Van Trao. "Objective: to learn the Italian language, known as the language of love, in Vietnam."

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