ASEAN outlines its future


Internal working meetings have begun within the bloc to develop a document containing the post-2025 vision. Already key principles are emerging

Southeast Asia is looking to the future and is doing so by setting a few key principles at the top of its agenda. First: action orientation. Second: sustainability. Third: enterprise, boldness and innovation. Fourth: adaptability and proactivity. Fifth: adaptability and resilience. Sixth: inclusiveness, participation and collaboration. These are the six primary goals on which ASEAN is intent on building and guidelines for building its future. Yes, because as Netty Muharni, an official of Indonesia's Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, explained in recent days, the development of the ASEAN Vision post-2025 was the main theme of the meeting of the ASEAN Economic Community Vision Working Group, which was first chaired by the Indonesian government on March 2 in Belitung. The six core elements are expected to be agreed upon by the leaders of member countries of the Southeast Asian bloc at the 42nd ASEAN Summit to be held next May in Indonesia itself, which holds the 2023 chairmanship. However, to anticipate and support future economic integration, several new features including health, global megatrends, creative economy, sustainability, digitization and cooperation with partners outside the bloc will also be included in the joint development document. In a way that often deals with continuous emergencies, ASEAN is trying to look further and develop its post-2025 vision to set a new and clear agenda for better economic integration and to adapt to the technological advances, geopolitical shifts and economic transformations that are changing the current global landscape. As always, it will do so through internal coordination and consultation mechanisms of not only political, but also economic and social actors. A crucial factor for the region whose diplomatic, commercial, productive and technological relevance is steadily increasing. A trend that will only accelerate with a clear vision on the direction taken.

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