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With a growing innovation ecosystem and a key role in global trade, Singapore offers unparalleled opportunities for Italian companies

Italian innovation puts one foot in Asia. By way of Singapore. Nov. 7 marked the return of the Global Startup Program to the city-state, which aims to be a catalyst for innovation and collaboration between Italy and the Southeast Asian region across ASEAN countries. Organized by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the program is an opportunity for eight Italian startups from various areas, including fintech, healthtech, blockchain, health & fitness, sustainability and hrtech. The event, hosted by Accelerator Tenity Singapore, offers startups the chance to strengthen their technical, organizational and financial capabilities during the incubation process. The eight Italian innovative startups, including Brain & Fitness Italy, Carchain, Coffeefrom, Fairtile, Hacking Talents SRL SB, iWise, Sensosan Sell and Wibiocard. Dante Brandi, Italy's ambassador to Singapore and Brunei, stressed the importance of this participation, describing the program as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration and the strengthening of ties between Italy and Singapore. Brandi highlighted Singapore's key role in Italy's global trade strategies in the ASEAN region, with significant Italian export and investment figures. Singapore, chosen as an ideal location, represents a crucial springboard for Italian startups. With a growing innovative ecosystem and a key role in global trade, Singapore offers unparalleled opportunities for Italian companies. Ilaria Piccinni, deputy trade commissioner for Singapore and the Philippines at the Italian Trade Agency, emphasized the synergy and energy in Singapore's startup ecosystem, highlighting the potential for Italian startups to thrive and make a significant impact. With a wide range of activities planned through Dec. 1, 2023, the program aims to further consolidate the presence and influence of Italian startups in the global innovation landscape. Singapore and ASEAN represent a pivotal hub to achieve the goal.

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