Indonesia and India lead the Global South


Jakarta and New Delhi chair ASEAN and G20 in 2023. By strengthening cooperation they can promote the vision of a steadily rising part of the world

Among the many ambitious goals of Indonesia's rotating chairmanship of ASEAN is to strengthen the role of Jakarta and the Southeast Asian bloc in the Global South. And, moreover, support the role of the Global South in world affairs. The intention was made explicit by Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Indonesia's Finance Minister, in a relevant interview with Nikkei Asia. "We will work very closely with India," Indrawati said. "India and Indonesia are among the few big emerging countries that are performing very well on the economy, so this relationship provides us with more influence and more respect globally." Then again, Jakarta and New Delhi share a common perspective on international affairs and crucial diplomatic engagements in recent years. In 2023, India inherited the rotating presidency of the G20 from Indonesia itself, which in turn precisely holds that of ASEAN. Countries in the Global South tend toward political neutrality and avoid taking sides during conflicts. Despite the tensions, many consider the G20 summit in Bali in November a success, with leaders issuing a statement condemning Russia's aggression in Ukraine. While proposing a peaceful solution that protects not only security but also the resilience of trade and globalization. A perspective that will also be supported by India. "The G7 is admitting that it needs a counterpart that can provide a balanced view ... providing greater inclusiveness and diversity within the global community, which is healthy, I think," said Indrawati, who argues that countries in the global South are "contributing constructively to the global agenda," she said. "They have also become a source of solution for many global problems in terms of climate change, financial crisis, pandemic or even now global economy." This is precisely why the 10 ASEAN countries can play a "very important role," not only economically, but also politically and in terms of regional security "because of the tensions between the United States and China." And in Jakarta’s view, deepening cooperation with another regional player like India can strengthen the role of a rising part of the world in all aspects.

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