Mega redevelopment in Bangkok


More than 20 large-scale projects are planned in Bangkok with openings scheduled by 2027, totaling 500 billion baht of investment

Article by Tommaso Magrini

Bangkok is ready for a wave of renovation projects totalling more than $14 billion, supported by some of the country’s leading conglomerates. The aim is to transform the Thai capital into a destination that rivals Singapore. A mammoth development is underway on prime real estate opposite Lumpini Park in central Bangkok, led by the conglomerate TCC Group. One Bangkok will be one of the largest private sector projects in the country, with a value of 120 million baht. According to plans, the 167,000-square-meter area will host five office towers, residential skyscrapers, retail space and a concert hall and a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. TCC’s activity includes the brewer Chang Thai Beverage and real estate. The project will be a magnet for world-class businessmen, investors and tourists from all over the world , growing their will to come to Bangkok. Charoen Pokphand, one of Thailand's leading conglomerates, is working on a mega- project in Samut Prakan, on the outskirts of Bangkok, putting emphasis on sustainability. The Forestias will consist of commercial spaces, a hotel and residential areas, The operator of this 125 billion baht-wellness-oriented project has involved the Japanese Sumimoto Mitsui Trust Bank as an investor. According to data released by Nikkei, more than 20 large-scale projects are planned in Bangkok with opening schedules by 2027, totalling 500 billion baht of investments. Large projects of incomparable scale are being planned, becoming in this way Bangkok’s ‘landmark’. These renovation projects make sustainability a strong point. Many multinationals see the Thai capital as a great opportunity.

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